Being transparent, I believe is the right thing to do. That’s why I create this page, to let you know that I do get certain benefit from this blog.

By accessing bolosaholic.com you are deemed to have understood and agree to all terms and conditions (disclaimer) applicable in the use of this blog, as listed below:

    • I created this blog to learn, to write & share experiences. In each article there are date, month & year of the writing. The information available on this blog is used for reference or reference only. I write based on what I know at the date, month and year of writing. I do not warrant that all information presented is accurate and complete so that I am not responsible for any errors and delays in updating information, or any loss occuring from actions relating to the use of the information contained in this blog. I am very grateful if any readers are willing to notify me to update an article I have ever written through the comment field.
    • I get direct benefit from this blog, whether it’s monetary or just simple joy of helping other solve their issue.
    • In this blog there are some links to other sites I mean to complete the information I wrote on the date of writing and at that time still relevant. Therefore I am not responsible for the content or changes to the content of the sites I link to.
    • Every reader of this blog is allowed to comment with the commented note written is the responsibility of the respective commentator.
    • I emphasize that the words on this blog are my personal opinions and are not influenced by any sort of compensation.
    • I only recommend products or services that I use and/or test personally.

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Irfan Nurhamid

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