Change Direction

when you are three years old,
you said that you want to be a doctor
you were amazed by his stunning white coat

two years later,
you want to be a teacher
because you fall in love to your teacher,
which like a hero saving planet earth

when you are thirteen,
you don’t want to be anything
because you hate growing up.
but two years later
you desperately want to be a singer or model, an artist
anything that can make you appear on TV.

but one year later you knew
being an artist is not always fun
and you knew that you could have glamour life with being a broker.
and you also knew, that protecting monkey on rain forest maybe satisfying

after your eighteen birthday, appear some fear
you will fail,
forever being nobody.

someday later,
when you are twenty years old,
daydreaming in your college room,
have you going through the right path ?
is it possible starting something from beginning ?

when you thirty years old,
you knew that maybe you have choosen the wrong way,
working on hotel, when you prefer wearing jeans

among those teenage years,
you worried you’ll never found someone you love.
but you’re wrong
because a second later you suddenly met him,
amazed by his divinity.
you hesitating, is this the guy ?

but who care ?
who will know whether you right or wrong ?
who gonna tell you what is exactly at the end of the road
if you’re not walk through it ?

but you wrong again,
he’s not the right guy.
he’s not a deity.
you disappointed, regret, and fall to pieces.
you afraid you will make the same mistake.

but you don’t have to, you don’t have to grieving,
although you can’t return.

you still can turn aside, you always can,
because the road always have intersection, though you don’t know where.
if you can’t go back, don’t be afraid, we always can change our direction

(translated from : Dokter, Pelukis dan si Cowok plin-plan, by : Ken Terate)

Irfan Nurhamid

Book enthusiast. A Husband and Father. Enjoys interacting with people, travelling and swimming. -Berbagi itu Peduli-

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